Friday, September 26, 2014

Xbox FTW

Week Thirty-Eight/Fifty-Two
"A portrait of my child(ren) once a week, every week, in 2014"
I feel a little guilty that this series of pictures isn't of us at the apple orchard. Or outside skipping through the grass in the yard. Or taking a walk. Or reading a book. But nope. That's not how this week has gone.
This week I have done everything I can to just rest. Just close my eyes for a few minutes during the late afternoon and refresh. (The cruel reality is of course, that when the baby is napping, I'm amped up on about 60 ounces of coffee, and couldn't sleep if my life depended on it)
This week, multiple times a day, I have tried to get this little guy to sit and watch TV. I tried to get him to watch a video on my phone. And I have seriously considered going cold turkey on the breastfeeding gig he's got going for himself. Because while I feel like I have exhausted all of the standard excuses as to why he's still not sleeping through the night (teeth, head cold, more teeth, a cough, gas, reflux, teeth, and more teeth) I'm slowly accepting that he's plain old addicted to...well...the boob.
But I'm suffering. I forgot my two middle kids at school the other day. I'd like to blame it on a  million other things (but not teeth, gas, teeth, or reflux), but in reality I just forgot. And I blame my forgetfulness on my sleep deprivation.
All of this to say, that this week, I threw in the towel. And if he knew how to actually play the Xbox...I'd have totally let him.


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