Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Way of the Lazy (Christmas Program, and Maybe More Shaving)

Holy shit I napped today. Straight smack dab in the middle of the day. Straight smack dab in the almost middle of the week. The three bigs were at school (hallelujah), and the baby was napping for more than 30 minutes (more and more hallelujah). So I started to knit. And think about what I should be doing besides knitting a scratchy yellow blanket-scarf-type-thing that will spend the rest of its days on a shelf in my closet.

So I was thinking, and knitting and thinking about how I was, according to me, supposed to be writing this month's blog post about a non-profit organization that could use some help. And naturally I had to lay down on the couch and close my eyes to think better.  But great geese it is September. And for the love of tempura paint and textbooks I'm tired. Like tired since 2003 tired. And so because September, and because I'm 2003 tired, I fell asleep.

And now I am here. At 11:00 PM, listening to my husband snore through the baby monitor, which incidentally has got to be one of the most annoying sounds in the Universe. Yet because my thoughts about blogging never made it very far today, and once I have one mid-day, almost mid-week nap, it's likely it'll happen again, I'm calling a truce with myself this month (and again) and taking the quick and easy way out. For now.

I have hope that in the next couple of weeks I'll find another organization to post about. Although in the spirit of my laziness, I may just try to talk said husband into reintroducing our St. Baldrick's campaign (read posts about that HERE and HERE). After all, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and my hair is getting really long, so maybe...

Regardless. This amazing organization (which I wrote about HERE) came across my Facebook feed earlier today, with some very tangible Christmas Program needs. So I thought I would revisit and repost about the Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers again, with the hopes that some of you may take a peek at their Christmas Program needs and maybe make Christmas for one of the 1,700 recipients a little brighter this year. For a complete listing please click HERE

All the naps, all the thanks and all the thoughts of Christmas to you!

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