Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Love Being Bald

On any one of the bazillion bad hair days I've endured in my lifetime, I’ve threatened to “shave it all off.” I’ve also almost always been a short hair/pixie cut kinda girl who reveled in being different and experimenting with my hair. I have never loved my hair, and I’ve always taken the “it will grow back” approach. I’ve been everything from a gorgeous plum color to a hideous blond. And I was secretly in love with my ever increasing natural highlights (most would refer to it as gray hair) while my hair was simultaneously sucking more energy and time out of my life than should be allowed. So when a link to a local St. Baldrick’s event popped up in my Facebook feed…I thought hell yes. Hell to the Y-E-S. And of course because my life’s mantra is most always “a day late and a dollar short” I quickly realized that we couldn’t feasibly join the local event…but we could become Virtual Shavee’s. Long story short, on June 6th I created a fundraising page and off we went.

I will admit that there were a few good hair days when I thought “holy flark, what the fruit have I done?” I sometimes met the question “are you really going to shave your head?” with a loud and proud “damn straight!” Other times I answered the same question with a sheepish…”yup…but do ya think anyone will notice if we don’t?”
Like everything in life the three or so weeks leading up to Shave Day was the proverbial roller coaster ride. (By the way, have I told you about the mother-fricking hellcat ride the bigs and I went on at Hershey Park?) Regardless, part of the roller coaster ride included dealing with the kids’ reaction to the fact that their parents would soon be bald. I was most concerned with my oldest son, who has been dealing with some anxiety (read his story HERE). But I have to say that he proudly shaved off most of his father’s hair, and a good half of mine. That little boy took what was to him a very stressful situation and faced it head on, clippers in hand. I am so proud of him. I was also worried about my baby’s reaction, but let’s be honest; I didn’t shave off my boobs…so he never batted an eyelash at his Mom’s new hairdo.

Reaction to my bald head has been so positive. People seem to really like it. I am not stared at (although more than once when I’ve been in a women’s restroom, bent over the sink washing my hands, an unsuspecting lady comes through the door and does a double take…uncertain of whether or not she is in the right bathroom momentarily crossing her face). And in just over two weeks, two people have asked about my head. The first was our pediatrician who said “so tell me about your hair,” and I did. Since I was wearing my St. Baldrick’s t-shirt he said he suspected that’s why I was bald. The second was the woman who did Gillian’s nails before vacation. From two chairs away I heard the woman ask her “why is your Mom’s hair so short?” Gillian answered, “because she shaved it for a fundraiser.” And the lady said “well that is very nice of her” to which Gillian retorted…”well thank you for saying that.”
Admittedly I occasionally catch a tween boy staring, or a couple of teen girls giggling, and little kids sometimes look at me wide-eyed and a bit confused. But in all fairness, I stare at tween boys, giggle at teen girls, and look at little kids with wide-eyed confusion too.  (And for the sake of clarity…when I’m staring at tween boys it is not because I’m a pervert, it is because I’m thinking…how will you survive in this world with your pants hanging off your ass, or holy crud will you want to date my daughters, or shit…I’m raising one of these smelly freaks of nature!)

Thanks to friends, family and coworkers, we met, raised, met, and surpassed our fundraising goal (the total stands at $2295.00, but it will drive me crazy that we are at an odd number…so I’ll kick in the last $5.00 to get us to an even $2300.00). Shaving for St. Baldrick’s was amazing. I love my bald head. It makes me feel extra-badass. It reminds me that even the little people in this world can work to make a difference. It reminds my children that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, lengths and colors, and no matter how I look, I’m still their Mom. A Mom hoping to instill the importance of volunteerism and doing good for others in them. My bald head reminds me that while I may be having a shitty day, I CHOSE this bald head, while so many others, young and old, male and female, don’t have a choice. And for these reasons (and more) I wear my bald head proudly and IF I grow my hair back…I’ll be eager to shave it all off again.
Finally, given that it is mid-July, and the beginning of this month was spent on the road vacationing, I realize that I will not have time to post about another non-profit organization that needs your help. So I’ll just recap the organizations that we have helped thus far…and again, thank you from the tips of my toes, to the top of my bald head for your support.

March: Every Mother Counts (Link to original post HERE )
April: Pajama Program (Link to original post HERE )

May: The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers (Link to original post HERE )
June: St. Baldrick’s (Link to original post HERE )

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