Friday, July 18, 2014

Best Baby In The World

Week Twenty-Eight/Fifty-Two
"A portrait of my child(ren) once a week, every week, in 2014"
So I knew I'd blow this whole weekly photo taking/blog posting thing...frankly I'm impressed that I held up for as long as I did. All it took was a little end of school madness, a momentous head-shaving event, a fifth birthday, and a seriously fun but beyond exhausting road trip vacation to throw me off course. And so be it. Will try to get back on track for the rest of the year. Try to. Hopefully. Maybe.
For now, back to this guy. Just over fourteen months. Renowned nurser. Professional night-waker. Well versed in fighting sleep. Non-verbal (thankfully?) pointer who has a grunt or whine for just about everything. And officially the most amazing road-tripper in all of the far as I can tell!
Vacation was a blast. Vacation was exhausting. Maine to Richmond to Myrtle Beach to Hershey to Maine was an idea that caused great excitement, but also a lot of worry. But once again, little man rolled with the changes, the heat, the hotel, the miles, the car, more miles and a shifted schedule like a freaking boss. So proud of him, and already planning our next adventure (in my head, because I think Marc's head would explode if I voiced my readiness for another road trip any time soon!)
My throat tightens as I look at this picture, because here he seems decidedly less baby, and significantly more little boy. Heart. Broken.
 I am joining Jodi and her 52 Project at Practising Simplicity  
 Ha. Had I remembered to link to her site, I would be joining Jodi. But alas. Crazy week.

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