Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jammies are my Jam

New(ish) month, new nonprofit to help! Since I wanted to post this on the first of the month, and here it is the sixth I put this together quickly. And the baby is pissed. And tired. And I'm tired. And kinda pissed. So, please forgive any typos, misspellings and general lack of clarity!

I stumbled upon the organization I've chosen for April simply out of laziness...though Facebook to be exact. I've been tossing a few different nonprofits around in my head and doing a bit of research, but then this one popped up in my feed and I thought yes. Yes a million times one...because I'm a total pajama addict, especially for babies and toddlers. I love little kid jammies, but bonus for me because I love to wear my jammies. All. Day. Long. So this...this is going to be especially fun!

Please take a minute to read about the Pajama Program (the following information is from the Pajama Program website...please read more about their organization and work here ) You can also "like" them on Facebook. Find them at Pajama Program - Official.
 "For the millions of children living in poverty in America, a good night is a luxury they do not often experience."

Pajama Program's Mission:
Pajama Program provides new pajamas and new books to children in need, many of whom are waiting and hoping to be adopted. These children live in various situations including group homes, shelters and temporary housing facilities and are shuffled often from one place to another. Many of them have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Most of these children have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a mother or father tuck them in at bedtime with warm, clean pajamas and a bedtime story. Some of the children we serve are living with their families below the poverty level, in
desperate need of food, clothing and shelter.
About Pajama Program:
Pajama Program (founded in 2001) serves children throughout the nation with 62 Chapters in 32 States. Thousands of pajamas and books are being provided to children in desperate need of comfort and care. The pajamas have come to represent people who care and they offer security and love for a child abandoned in a shelter or waiting for a foster home. The books complete a nighttime ritual that so many of us took for granted… when Mom or Dad said, “okay get your pajamas on and I’ll be right in to read you a story.” Children in transition seldom hear these comforting words.
In order for us to expand our current programs, we need your support.

Here's How We Can Help:
The organization recently launched the nationwide One Million Good Nights initiative to collect one million new pajamas and books for children in need by the end of 2015. Snuggling up in cozy new pajamas with their very own new book gives these children a secure and nurturing 'Good Night' at bedtime. You can help by joining our campaign to deliver One Million Good Nights to children who need them most.
 What to do:
  • If you are local please feel free to drop off (lacrosse practice, Girl Scouts, preschool etc, or contact me to arrange a pick-up) NEW, UNUSED pajamas (pajamas should be a complete set or nightgown). I will be collecting for all ages, infant-18 years old (up to adult size XXXL).
  • Please choose an age appropriate (new) bedtime book to include with your pajama donation.
  • If you are not local, but would like to contribute to the PJ/Book Drive please look here for Pajama and Book Drive Resources. You can easily find a local chapter, download the PJ Drive Toolkit and get to work!
  • If you would like to make a financial contribution please start here

At the End of the Month:
Once I start the collection process I will contact our local chapter (New Hampshire) and determine where to send all of the books and jammies! The chapter President will get in touch with me and arrangements will be made to get everything to a Receiving Organization in Need. I will most definitely keep you all updated, and thank you so much for your generosity.

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