Monday, March 17, 2014

(My) Parenting Truth

One afternoon you'll be sitting at your kitchen counter. It will have been a crazy morning. But by now the baby will be napping and you'll be writing about your oldest son, shaping your love and worry into words. You will be distracted by your nervousness; both anxious and worried about documenting your feelings surrounding his behavior.

You will, once again, be only half paying attention to your third child. The one who is, by now, accustomed to only ever having half of your attention. Which is a post for another time. Guilt to chew on later. A whole 'nother set of anxiety and worry.

You will be typing and playing, which is by now, something you're accustomed to doing if you ever want to get a blessed word written.

In your peripheral vision you will see your little girl climb up onto the kitchen counter and drag two over sized Halloween plates out of the cabinet, clank two forks out of the silverware drawer and slam them down in front of you, giving you your salad. With peanut butter sauce. And vanilla ice cream made of glued together cotton balls. The game of the moment is restaurant. And you'll click clack away on the keyboard and take air bites and uh-huh and yup and I love you too sweetie through the next ten minutes.

Then your four year old will ask you, perhaps sensing your exasperation, perhaps wanting to draw you further in to her game..."Mom, do you want me to get you a glass of wine? I know you like wine." And you will twist your face to find hers, search her beautiful chocolate eyes, full of hope and wonder, and consider a few things.

1. You love this child.

2. You know she can reach the plastic cups, she can scale rock climbing walls with astonishing ease.

3. There is half a bottle of white wine in the fridge. You checked while packing lunches.

4. It is on a low shelf.

5. She can open the fridge door by herself. You've seen her do it in order to get to her beloved Dora yogurts.

6. You are kind of thirsty.

7. It is Monday.

8. It is after Noon.

9. She really wants to help you.

10.Who are you to deny this child the opportunity to make her Mama smile?

11.You buy bottles of wine with screw on caps for a reason.

12.You are an average mother. It is entirely possible that your kids will end up in therapy for something you denied them; a slight or oversight somewhere along the way. Isn't becoming your mother's bartender at the ripe old age of four as good a reason for therapy as any?

13. You love this child.


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