Friday, March 21, 2014

Baby Steps

Week Eleven/Fifty-Two
"A portrait of my child(ren) once a week, every week, in 2014"
Here we are again. This project surely does highlight how quickly the weeks do in fact pass. I feel like I was just here posting an entry! And now, it's time to post another one.

(So curious about everything!)
I feel like this has been a big week for the little man. I can feel him ready to walk. I feel like he feels ready to walk. He's taking bigger risks with standing alone. Stretching his little arms to the max to get from one object to the next. I will be incredibly sad when he takes his first steps. I should be joyful, but this will definitely be bitter sweet for me. Do I say that every week?

(He's perfected the squat)
This week is also the week we think he may have uttered his first word. I'm not ready to make it official just yet...cause it's kinda not the word Mumma...which is what I really want his first word to be. But we hear "up" from him all the time. We say it, he says it. With extra emphasis on the "p". It is adorable.
Screeching and maxing out the high pitchy-ness of his voice has also been high on his list of things to master this week. He certainly loves the sound of his own voice...yet don't we all?
And of course....more teeth, less sleep.

You are a happy, growing baby. You are moving towards toddler status faster than is acceptable. Of course I am so thankful for the happy part, and have resigned myself, once again...and one week at a the growing part.

Also...first pair of sneaks!
 I am joining Jodi and her 52 Project at Practising Simplicity

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