Monday, September 10, 2012

Learning Curve

I started blogging because I was afraid to do it. And I hate being afraid. I've also been told once or twice that I should write a book. But I don't have the patience for book-writing. I barely have time these days for least one without lots and lots of pictures. My blog allows me to vent, share, process, write and reach a very, very small audience...which is quite satisfying, and not all that scary.
Since I'm such a newbie, I learn a little bit about blogging every time I post an entry. More importantly, I learn a little bit about blogging every time I read someone else's fantastic blog (and believe me, there are some out there that can make me forget to feed my kids breakfast, lunch and dinner!)
After reading one such blog recently, I realized that maybe I shouldn't have used my kids real names when blogging about them. It never occurred to me to rename them in my posts. At this point, after living with them for all these years, I'm thinking it would be cruel of me to call them what I really think they should be named some days (those days being summer, winter and spring vacation days, half days, weekends and Monday holidays).
I can't decide which is more harmful, referring to them using their given names, or renaming them mid-blog when I'm bitching about them. Besides, would anyone really read a blog about kids named Infuriating, Annoying, or Downright Childish and Immature?

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